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Interesting US History
A Website Devoted to Interesting Events in U.S. History





The Star Spangled Banner - Fancis Scott Key had help with the Star Spangled Banner

The Mayflower - The real reason they stopped in Massachusettes.

Women in the Civil War - The adventures of one particular woman and her role in the American Civil War.

The Gettysburg Address - It wasn't very popular at the time even by Abraham Lincoln himself.

The First Submarine - Well, the first to sink an enemy ship anyway.

New York Dixie - How the song Dixie came about.  You might be surprised.

Interesting Civil War Facts - Things you probabably didn't know about the American Civil War.

Our Founding Fathers - Interesting facts about some of the founding fathers who never became President of the United States.

The War of 1812 - How the lack of communication at the time affected the War of 1812.

Sherrod Bryant - What made Sherrod Bryant different than most of the  other slave owners at the time.


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