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Interesting US History
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December 2, 1927

The Ford Motor Company Introduces the 1927 Model A

On this day in 1927 the Ford Motor Company began selling the Model A, which was the predecessor to the Model T. The Model A, available in four colors (but not black) and was a huge success, however the 1927 Model A was not the first produced by Ford Motor Company. Back in 1903, the first car produced by Ford was called the Model A.

The 1927 Model A was replaced by a 4 cylinder Model B in 1932 and then an 8 cylinder Model 18 that same year.

December 2, 1832

President James Monroe Announces the Monroe Doctrine

On this day in 1832, U.S. President James Monroe, announced the Monroe Doctrine which stated that European powers were no longer allowed to colonize or interfere with the affairs of the independent states of America. It also stated that any attempt by a European nation to oppress or control any nation in the western hemisphere would be seen as an act of aggression prompting the United States to intervene. This is considered to be a defining moment in the foreign policy of the United States.